The Droid Bionic 4G By Motorola To Be Available At Verizon

The major mobile manufacturer Motorola has released reports that it is ready to unveil its first LTE phone for the 4G wireless network of Verizon. The name of the phone is The Droid Bionic 4G is hyped to be a high end phone that is thicker than the average phone because of its distinct LTE features. Users have the ability to play games in the full screen mode with this phone. For chat video lovers the new Droid will give them the ability to run Skype chat video on their phones however right now the Bionic possesses a canned demo of the video chat that is expected to be available on the phone.

The other notable features of the phone include a dual core processor, NVIDIA Tegra 2 and Cortex N9. The phone also has a great screen resolution and for social networking lovers it has all the e-mail applications and access to the prominent social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. The signature MotoBlur is also present in this phone. Both Verizon and Motorola have not yet announced the tentative date and price of the phone. The phone is hyped to be a phone that falls under the bid slab category and mobile users all over the world need to wait for its release to check out how it fares in the market!

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