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T-Mobile To Offer HTC Amaze 4G Smartphone

It has been announced by T-Mobile that it will be selling the HTC-manufactured Amaze 4G Smartphone at the price of $259.99. It is stated on the website of T-Mobile that HTC Amaze 4G is now made available for people for $ 260 along with a contract for two years on T-Mobile USA store. Continue reading

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Verizon To Offer LTE-Ready Samsung Stratosphere

Verizon has announced that it would soon be selling the Android-powered Samsung Stratosphere. This handset is the Big Red’s first 4G LTE that comes with QWERTY keypad. The phone that would be arriving on the 13th of October runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Continue reading

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How to Get Great Event Shots Using Your Android Phone

The quality of cell phone cameras is increasing all the time. Though they’re still no match for professional equipment, a camera phone’s big advantage is portability. Because you carry your camera phone wherever you go, it gives you the unique … Continue reading

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LU6200 Smartphone Unveiled by LG

LG is all prepared to come up with a high-end Smartphone after launching a series of low and mid range Android handsets in the last couple of years. The latest hand device by LG, the LG LU6200 will arrive in the market in the last quarter of this year. Continue reading

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Sony Ericsson Optimizes 150 New Games

The producers of Sony Ericsson have made an exciting announcement on the inaugural day of the Gamescom trade fair that is held in Germany. Continue reading

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The HTC Sensation To Hit Markets In June

Mobile lovers will get the feel of a new “Sensation” as HTC is about to hit the market with it! The HTC Sensation is scheduled to be available from June 8th this year. Continue reading

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LG Optimus Me Is Available at Vodafone

The LG Optimus Me is now available via Vodafone. It is confirmed that the phone is already in stock. Vodafone offers several pay monthly deals. Prices start from just £11.67/month, once cashback for 17 months free line rental has been … Continue reading

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Blackberry Messenger Available For Android & IPhone To Hit Users From April 26th

It was only few weeks ago when rumors surfaced of RIM expanding its Blackberry Messenger applications beyond its signature Blackberry devices to make it available to other mobile devices like the Android and iOS devices. Continue reading

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Kaspersky Mobile Software Available Now On Blackberry

The popular Kapersky Mobile software is now going to be available on Blackberry phones as theis security vendor from Russia has released new versions of its security software for mobile phones that have Android and Blackberry operating systems. Continue reading

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Release Date Of Telus HTC Desire Leaked And Revealed

HTC is churning out one mobile after another much to the pleasures of the mobile customer. Continue reading

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