Samsung still hopes to acquire SanDisk

SanDisk LogoDifficult situation in the market of flash memory is observed as SanDisk (major memory producer) is in rather dangerous situation – the day before was confirmed information that Samsung has proposed for Taiwan’s company only $5.8 billion

SanDisk has rejected the proposal. Chairman of the Board of Directors Eli Harari said: «We think the proposal of Samsung does not reflect the value of our portfolio with its products and services, our leadership in the market of flash memory».

According to Samsung, «over the past 52 weeks the world has changed considerably – and this can be seen against the backdrop of disappointing results of the same Samsung». According to a Korean company, the market of NAND-memory will not recover in short term, and SanDisk have to use the huge money to stay afloat.

Increased competition in the market of memory led to a sharp drop in margins of companies that produce flash modules.

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