Samsung Galaxy Note vs HTC Sensation XL

Samsung and HTC have released two large touchscreen display smartphones for mobile enthusiasts in the market and they are the Samsung Galaxy Note and the HTC Sensation XL. Both these smartphones boost the quality of being tablet-sized electronic devices with a host of attractive features all set to woo potential mobile lovers. Though these two handsets have a positive hype in the market, before buying any one of them, it is essential for you to know each significant technical aspect of the handset before you finally select one to buy. Keeping the above in mind the following will give you a comparative analysis on both phones with a sneak peak into their strong and weak features: Also everything comes to pricing in the end so when you read all, be sure to check prices, as both Sensation XL and Galaxy Note deals are already available and vary across networks and plans.

Operating System:

Before you buy a mobile handset it becomes mandatory for you to check the operating system of the phone. The operating system should be a good one especially if you have decided to buy a phone with smartphone features like the HTC Sensation XL or The Samsung Galaxy Note. The good news is that both these phones have the same OS  Google’s latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS. It is difficult for us to make an analysis here and this is where both draw!

The Verdict- Both Tie!

Performance & Processor:

The speed of a mobile phone depends on the performance and processor of the phone. When it comes to the Sensation XL this device has the 1.5 Hz Qualcomm Scorpion Processor. The phone also sports the long standing Adreno 205 GPU. The Samsung Galaxy Note, on the other hand, boosts of the ARM Cortex A9 processor at 1.4 GHz. The phone also has the advanced Exynos chipset and the Mali 400 MP GPU that makes this phone one of the top-notch smartphones in the market. The benefit of this technology is that the user is able to get faster speed for games and other applications on the phone. The data speed on this phone is fifty percent more than the speed available on its HTC counterpart. However, this does not mean that the HTC Sensation XL underperforms in the above field. It is just Samsung Galaxy Note hits the bull’s eye better with faster accuracy.
Verdict- The Samsung Galaxy Note Scores Better!



Both handsets have an 8MP camera with a resolution of 3264×2448 pixels. Video calling is supported on both these phones. Samsung boosts of a 2MP secondary camera while HTC has a 1.3MP camera with a front faced shooter. With Samsung you get a video recording quality of 1080p that is more than the 720p quality offered by HTC. There are more camera features on Galaxy Note and they include the LED Flash, autofocus, geo-tagging, multi-shot, image stabilization, panoramic capture mode and smile cum face detection. HTC Sensation sports a little less and provides you with geo tagging, LED Flash and autofocus. Both smartphones have good camera set-ups however Samsung gives you more to look forward to.

Verdict – Samsung Galaxy Note tops the charts!


The HTC Sensation XL has 16 GB of internal storage and 768 MB RAM. The bad news is that it lacks a card slot and the user is not able to get expandable memory on the phone via a microSD card. Samsung does not disappoint the user in this regard as it has internal memory storage of 16GB and 32GB in two variants of the handset available. Both of these variants give you 1GB RAM. There is an external microSD support for up to 32 GB with a 2 GB card included in the standard package.

Verdict – Samsung Galaxy Note Wins Here!


The HTC Sensation XL scores better when it comes to the audio capabilities of the device. It is endowed with the Beats Audio Technology and gives the user a mind blowing audio experience. This paves the way for advanced listening by both the headphones and the speaker system that is external. Samsung is not as good as HTC in this aspect although it does not disappoint much.

Verdict – HTC Sensation XL Wins Here!


It is true that the Galaxy Note is a phone with superior specifications however it is a high priced smartphone for many mobile enthusiasts. The HTC Sensation XL , on the other hand, woos the audience as they can truly enjoy the HTC Sense user interface and the attractive design of the phone too.

Verdict –In terms of affordability and features offered The HTC Sensation XL is rated higher!

Our Final Verdict:

The Samsung Galaxy Note is inevitably the first choice for many users who are looking for a Smartphone with outstanding and exclusive quality features. Though it is more expensive than the HTC Sensation XL there are mobile enthusiasts who are ready to spend a little extra to own a Galaxy Note. It scores better in terms of features and has a better competitive edge in the market too!

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