Price and Release Date Of Nokia Lumia 930 Revealed

Nokia after being purchased by Microsoft is all set to release the new Nokia Lumia 930 flagship mobile in the USA soon. Nokia has not released many handsets in the last few months and so interest in this latest phone has spiked high.


The new Nokia 930 phone is one of the few mobile phones that has entered the market with the Nokia branding. This phone promises to have a large number of high end technologies as well as interesting software features. The device will have a Windows operating platform. It will come with the Nokia branding as its new owner Microsoft confirms that all its future smartphones will subsequently carry the Microsoft Mobile brand with time. This announcement was made in the month of April.

The Company has announced the phone will be available in the USA soon. The price of the phone will be around $599. The price for United Kingdom has not been officially announced as yet. There are some retailers in Germany that have taken the USA price of the phone. The European cost of the phone has also been taken to be the same as that announced for USA. There are rumors that the Nokia Lumia is all set to arrive in the UK in either late June or in the first weeks of July. There is however no official announcement on the release date of the handset as of now. This device is stated to continue the legacy established by its predecessor the Nokia Lumia 925 smartphone. It will not resemble the Lumia 1020 handset as previously anticipated by many mobile users.

If you take a look at the new Nokia Lumia 930 phone, you will find that it has a very different kind of design to the past Lumia phones available in the market. This phone features sides made of metal and it has a clipped in backplate. This is different from the single polycarbonate chassis that you have seen in the other high end Nokia Windows Phones just like the Nokia Lumia 1020.

Users may find some disappointment in this new device. The handset will not sport the 41MP camera like the Nokia Lumia 1020, it will have a 20MP camera instead.

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  • IanM

    Price and Release Date Of Nokia Lumia 930 Revealed: “There is however no official announcement on the release date of the handset as of now.” Looks like the words ‘NOT’ and ‘YET’ are missing from this article’s title.