Nokia N97 leaps ahead of its competitors

Nokia N97 leaps ahead of its competitors

It seems funny now to hear Mckinsey’s prediction in early 1980’s that the world will have just 900,000 phones by the end of 20th century. That was research sponsored by Ericsson, one of the pioneers in the evolution of mobile communication, the other being Nokia. Nokia and Ericsson lead the mobile communication research in Europe and Motorola lead the pack in the US. Standards played an important role in the evolution and proliferation of the industry across the globe. Introduction of Nordic Mobile Telephony (NMT) Standard in 1981, first civilian mobile communication was the trigger. While Europe marched ahead with its pan-European GSM standard established in early 1980s, the US languished with multiple incompatible standards.

If the 1980s and 1990s was the time for the evolution of communication standards, the new millenium saw the evolution of handset. From a basic brick model meant for just a phone call and the 165 character messaging, mobile phones have become a mini computing powerhouse. Nokia has seen it all through. It is leading the mobile phone industry with more than 45% market share. Nokia understands the pulse of its customers, unlike Motorola, and have models for all kinds of people. It has a wide range of models for each of the category of phones: Basic, Multimedia/Entertainment and Smartphones.

Smartphones are the fastest growing mobile phones segment and Nokia continues to impress with new models. Nokia refers its latest sensation Nokia N97 as the world’s most advanced mobile computer. Nokia says it will transform the way people connect to each other. Powered by 434 MHz ARM 11 processor on Symbian OS v9.4, Nokia N97 leaps ahead of its competitors with a classy designed wide screen and side-slide full QWERTY keyboard.

The Nokia N97 also introduces the concept ‘So-Lo’ – Social location. Integrated A-GPS sensors and electronic compass intuitively understands your location and automatically update social networks with real time information. The Nokia N97 comes packed with other standard features such as HSPDA (3.6 Mbps), Edge, GRPS, Wi-fi and Bluetooth. Pictures couldn’t be any sharper with its Camera having Carl Zeiss optics and 5MP sensors. Though it competes with iPhone, HTC, Samsung and Sony Ericsson in the smart phone segment, Nokia N97 is certainly the future of the mobile phones.

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