Motorola Delaying The Release Date Of The Droid Bionic

It is unfortunate that after it’s unveiling no price or release date has been decided for the Motorola Droid Bionic. Recent reports have revealed that this phone is not going to be launched till the third quarter of this year.

"The Droid Bionic"

In a recent conversation with the Wall Street Journal a spokeswoman of Motorola pointed out that the main reasons for the delay was that the handset was being worked upon for a number of planned enhancements. The company had plans to make these changes so that the consumer can have a great user experience. The spokeswoman did not offer any other specifications of the phone but the anticipated 2011 second quarter launch of the phone is unlikely. It was expected that the phone was about to hit the market at this time but it was pushed back. Ever since its introduction at the CES it has wooed many mobile enthusiasts.

It seems that we need to wait a little longer to see the handset and expect the best of changes to be made to the handset. This phone promises a lot of great features and only time will tell us on how successful this phone is going to be in the market.


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