HTC 7 Trophy Blended With Windows 7

People who are addicted to windows mobile, has finally relieved with the releasing of HTC 7 Trophy. In spite of being challenged by contenders, HTC has bought the latest and flawless version of windows mobile. This section has challenged other renowned brands which are still using the same old windows interface. On the top of it, HTC 7 has all the essential features and hardware compatibility which a windows mobile user asks for. Likewise, we don’t need to compromise with any of the previous features because HTC 7 is equipped with all applications which we have been using.

In windows smart phone segment, HTC 7 has bought an uprising. That is why, it is said that we would get the same feel of windows 7 while using the phone. The hardware section is operational with 1GHz micro processor and 5 mega pixel camera with WVGA demonstration. It has a greater display of 3.8”powered with multi-touch screen. The entire dimension of the set is 118.5 x 61.5 x 11.96mm and the weight comes to 140g. That makes it thin and smooth which could easily glide into our pocket. Furthermore, on the bottom of the screen, we would get the identical back button, start menu and the search bar enlightened with the white backlight.

On the whole, the HTC 7 Trophy is the best windows mobile which we could have. It can be concluded that in the pursuit of smart phones, HTC 7 is going to lead among all other contenders. With the essential windows application, HTC 7 Trophy is here to stay.

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